Send us your ideas, sketches, conceptual drawings or ready for production plans. We can make your dream become a reality. From a dream home truss system to a complex commercial project; no job is too small or too large.

We will work with your sketch or concept and turn it into a final engineered plan. We also offer 3-D renderings. Log & Timber Truss Works has developed a superior fabrication system to ensure timber frame trusses and our log truss manufacturing systems meet local regulatory design requirements as well as customer design requirements and satisfaction.

design process graphic starts to final engineered plans

If pre-engineering is required, using Finite Element Analysis and IBC 2003 and NDS guidelines, we can meet design requirements, per local building code, throughout the U.S. (licensed in all 50 states).

log truss plan drawing with engineering values
3d rendering of log truss roof system