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Precision joinery

With our custom designed notching equipment we can achieve 100% bearing surfaces at member connections. For accuracy and tight fit our uniquely designed machinery cannot be matched and you will not find trusses with tighter notches. Period. Connections on traditional log trusses, are generally excessively hollowed by chainsaw and chipper guns resulting in eventual settling...the last thing you want in a roof system.

The Right Timber

Construction of heavy timber trusses begins with the right selection of wood for both customer requirements and structural requirements according to TPI guidelines. Log Truss Works is a certified member of TPI.

Perfect Connections

Log Truss Works processing of truss members and interface connections between members is a step above state-of-the-art notching. We utilize custom-built proprietary designed equipment. Precision cuts and notching result in 100% bearing surface at connection interface. No settling and split out at connection interface.

Choose Your Hardware

Log Truss Works engineering has developed connection systems to include a variety of hardware for both internal or external application. The finished product meets structural requirements, even for the most severe snow load conditions, as well as customer satisfaction.