Roof Systems

Precision joinery sets our log and timber roof systems apart from the rest. 100% of the bearing surface is in contact at the member connection. For accuracy and tight fit these trusses cannot be matched.

We can supply logs or timbers for trusses, purlins, posts and floor joists. Our machinery can produce logs up to 32” in diameter!! Spans up to 60' are possible. We offer full round log truss and timber trusses with internal or external hardware. We can supply Douglas Fir, Englemann Spruce or Lodgepole Pine with a smooth or handhewn finish.

Let us design and engineer a roof system to fit your project. Whether the job calls for heavy snow loads, large rustic timbers, perfectly fitted joinery or heavy hardware our log and timber roof systems will be sure to please.

log roof construction

If size allows, we will ship the trusses fully assembled and ready to set. You can well imagine the savings in having prefabricated log work delivered to your site.

If size does not allow for shipment of large log trusses and heavy timber trusses; we can ship truss members, prepared with engineered connection systems, for ease of assembly at your building site.

log and timber roof systems, purlins, posts, laminate beams

Many options available to suit your needs.

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